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Barium & Chemicals, Inc

Barium & Chemicals, Inc
Barium & Chemicals, Inc

Since 1916, Barium & Chemicals, Inc. (“BCl”) has been a recognized industry leader in the manufacture of Barium, Calcium, Strontium, Potassium, Antimony, and Lithium inorganic and specialty metallurgical compounds.
With a physical plant of over 250,000 square feet under roof at its 40 acre site on the Ohio River, BCI produces, blends, grinds and mills to satisfy customer product specifications. BCI enjoys ample warehousing and distribution capacity and capability. Located approximately 27 miles north of US Route 70, 60 miles south of the Ohio Turnpike and 40 miles west of Pittsburgh, domestic and international product transportation is available by land, air and sea.
BCl’s on-site analytical laboratory enables BCI to provide product testing and development services with products available in both technical and purified grades. BCI’s customers are assured to receive the highest quality inorganic and specialty metallurgical products at competitive prices.

740-282-9776 X 206
Linda N. Yanok
515 Kingsdale Road; PO Box 218

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Barium & Chemicals, Inc