SCIO, Ohio — Robert Hendricks remembers when his 102-acre farm was just a farm and when this eastern Ohio village of about 750 people where he was once mayor was just a sleepy, struggling town.

That was 18 months ago. Now, a new road runs through his farm, and pipes carry natural gas — lots of it — into a brand new, nearly $1 billion facility where the gas is made into propane, butane and ethane and shipped to customers across the country.

“See these trucks here? Every one of them is a job,” Hendricks said about an hour before Gov. John Kasich visited the Utica East Ohio Buckeye natural-gas processing facility just outside of the hamlet in Harrison County.

Kasich had a big day in eastern Ohio yesterday, visiting two new “midstream” facilities — the other near Youngstown in New Middletown. He brought attention to what people here in Scio — at least some of them — already know: It’s not just a “fracking” boom in eastern Ohio any more; the oil-and-gas industry is beginning to spur new construction and investment beyond wells.

The UEO Buckeye facility near Scio (there’s another one about 40 miles away in Kensington) is a joint venture between Texas-based M3 Midstream LLC and EV Energy Partners and Oklahoma-based Access Midstream.

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