From Energy In Depth

It’s not every day Ohio is featured in the New York Times but that’s exactly what happened yesterday as the Grey Lady focused on the remarkable investment and jobs that Utica Shale/Point Pleasant development has provided the state.  In the past two years, Ohio has seen 255 Utica wells costing upwards of around $11 million per well, processing plants projects being developed and construction projects putting Ohioans back to work.  In short, the Utica Shale is the economic game changer we all hoped it would be.

Chesapeake is constructing three new buildings to house their Ohio office in Louisville, near Canton.  They are planning a five-story, 85,000-square-foot office tower that is on schedule to be completed this year. The company is also building a 55,000-square-foot receiving and maintenance shop as well as 6,000-square-foot repair shop.  All three of these buildings are estimated to bring $22-24 million in investment into Louisville as estimated by Louisville City Manager Thomas Ault.

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